​2016 One World Everybody Eats Summit


Following is an article written by Michael Hastings and published in the Winston-Salem Journal about Peace Café, Inc., a pay-what-you-can café that will be opening up in Winston-Salem.
The first question I am always asked is where it is or where it will be. I honestly wish I knew the answer to that question. We are looking. One day, the right place will become available. Then we can begin the work of fixing up and opening our Café to everyone. This past week we found out that Peace Café, Inc. was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. That news was truly an event to be celebrated!  Now comes the time that we must really appeal to you. Everything that is necessary to move forward with the Café will require money. We need a computer, other office equipment, and supplies. We will need the deposit and lease money when we find a place. We will need to buy restaurant equipment and furniture, paint, and all the things that are needed to make a “location” into a welcoming, happy Café. Please consider donating on our website or sending a check to:

Peace Café. Inc.
2130 Royall Drive
Winston-Salem NC 27106




The gofundme campaign is closed. Grateful thanks to all who contributed!

By Patti Parker
Last weekend, January 16th-18th, I was in Denver, Colorado for the One World Everybody Eats (OWEE) Summit.  OWEE is the model for Peace Café and the many other pay what you can cafes already operating across the country (50+) and the ones in various stages of opening (60+).  A good number of the attendees were people like me – in the process of starting a café. We heard from some successful café operators. We went to two successful cafes, one for lunch (SEEDS Café in Colorado Springs) and one for dessert (S.A.M.E. – So All May Eat – Café in Denver.) We learned about how to have a successful Board of Directors and Fundraising. But mainly, what was reinforced for me was the fact that so many people are food insecure and the Peace Café Board and I want to do what we can to put an end to that problem in this community.  But the problem goes much deeper. Often, the food options available to the food insecure are unhealthy and a source of health problems. We hope to help eliminate that problem by serving healthy, and local food. One of the speakers at the Summit, Roger Eggers, spoke of a deeper, more profound hunger that Americans are experiencing now – they just want to belong. Peace Café will be a place where everyone can belong. Everybody Eats. Everybody belongs.